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Towards Modeling a Higher Education Prism for Graduate Employability: An Exploratory Study for Management Education in South India

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Pub. Date : July, 2020
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Author Name : Prasad R, Aryasri A R and Prabhu Kumar A
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Subject/Domain : Arts & Humanities
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Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in India have a goal of doubling employability. The current literature on enhancement of employability does not explore how institutional employability avenues can be prioritized for differing HEI contexts. A Higher Education (HE) prism for graduate employability is modeled for management institutions offering the two-year full-time MBA program or equivalent. This model rests on the assessment frameworks used by accreditation agencies in Indian HE. In this exploratory study, 91 elements, chosen from these frameworks for employability potential, were rated by experienced stakeholders consisting of faculty, placement staff and leadership staff from different management institutions in South India. Stakeholders on an average rated almost all the elements to have good to great potential for employability. The ratings varied based on the location of institution, type of institution and the role of the stakeholder. This study is an initial validation of the HE prism for graduate employability. The prism is useful in prioritizing potential mechanisms for employability development which align with those used for improving learning outcomes. Stakeholders can then craft initiatives specific to their HEI context to enhance employability. An implementation gap can be identified through self-assessment and continuous improvement can be initiated.


India has entered the ‘demographic dividend’ window. This window lasts for a period till 2055-56 (Livemint, 2019). The United Nations Population Fund defines demographic dividend as the growth potential that results from a shift in the demographic structure. China, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong saw high growth rates of above 7% and sometimes double digit growth during such a phase.


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