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Optimization of Solar Flat Plate Collector Area for Thermo-Siphon Type Solar Liquid Heating System Using Computer Program

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Pub. Date :Nov, 2018
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Author Name : Gautam S Kamble, Aishwarya B Patil, Trupti M Paymal, Sneha H Ghadage and Girija R Banchhode
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The paper develops a model for Solar Flat Plate (SFP) collector of thermo-siphon solar liquid heater which is useful to build a computer design tool. While developing this procedure, all parameters are considered, so that the effect of each element and parameter on the design can be scrutinized thoroughly. The design of thermo-siphon systems is complicated by the fact that the mass flow rate 'G' is a function of system itself and hence it is difficult to calculate or predict 'G' at design stage. In addition to this, 'Utop' is required to estimate 'G'. Intricacy increases in design because 'Utop' is function of mean plate temperature 'Tpm' which is unknown and F' is function of 'Utop'. In this attempt, this complexity in 'G' is eradicated by tedious iterative calculations with the aid of computer which provides more reliable results. The consequences of different parameters on collector area for required fluid temperature have been investigated through this novel model. The effects of absorber plate materials, number of covers, collector fluids, plate to fluid resistance Rpf and inlet fluid temperature on required collector area are discussed. The results provide a precise approach to solar engineers in optimization of collector area at design stage.


Solar liquid heating is the most economical and popular application. Solar water heating systems are widely used for domestic, industrial and commercial applications in various parts of the world. It consists of Solar Flat Plate (SFP) collector, heat exchanger, storage tank and valves. SFP collector is a device which collects solar radiation and gives energy to fluid flowing through it (Duffie and Beckman, 1991). Hence, the solar collector is an integral part in solar liquid heating system and it is essential to design and analyze it properly.


Solar flat plate collector, Solar liquid heater, Computer design program, Required area of collector

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