The IUP Journal of Accounting Research and Audit Practices:
The Impact of Tourism Demand on the Economic Development of Rajasthan: An Analysis Using Neural Network Technique

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2020
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Author Name : Asha Sharma
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Tourism industry has been defined as one of the largest and fastest growing industries. This industry is also considered to be one of the ancient industries of the world. Tourism industry in India is experiencing a boom at the moment. India has tremendous potential to become a major global tourist destination and Indian tourism industry is exploiting this potential to the hilt. A state like Rajasthan has all the elements to become a model state for tourism in the country. It has a rich cultural heritage and the tourists from all over the world visit it due to its climate, scenic beauty and ecological resources. The statistical figures reveal that Rajasthan gets the lion's share of total tourist arrivals, both foreign and domestic, due to its special climate and culture. The present paper assesses the impact of tourism demand on the economic development of Rajasthan. The paper measures the economic development of Rajasthan in terms of Gross State Domestic Product. It assesses the impact of tourism on various developmental activities. Various statistical techniques such as correlation, regression and neural network are used to measure the relation between these two factors.


In this rapidly changing economic era of globalization and industrialization, tourism sector has emerged as one of the world's largest industries. The concern on tourism and development has assumed phenomenal significance at global, national and local levels. Tourism is an economic activity that provides services to the tourists, including a whole gamut of activities like transport, hospitality, guide and travel services, travel publication and writing, arts and crafts, etc. (Sharma, 2015).


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