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Feb '19

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The Treasury Management is a unique digest in the area of treasury and forex. Every month Treasury Management delivers contemporary articles, case studies, debates, interviews, research papers and market updates in the area of treasury, forex and risk management.

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  • Treasury Management is a unique magazine in the area of treasury and forex.
  • Contents include contemporary articles, case studies, debates, interviews, research papers and market updates.
  • Articles are carefully screened and selected to cover various issues in Treasury and Forex.
  • Contains executive summaries of articles appearing in leading international magazines and summaries of latest books on treasury, forex and risk management.
  • A must read for bankers, managers, consultants, and students who are interested in developing the cutting edge knowledge and skills in the domain of treasury and forex
Contents : (Feb' 2019)

Some Reflections on Microcredit and How a Public Credit Registry Can Strengthen It

Viral V Acharya
Deputy Governor,
Reserve Bank of India


Financial Reforms for Sustaining India's Growth

Madhusudhanan S is an independent policy analyst in New Delhi. He has a vast multi-functional experience of nearly 12 years in the fields of Economic Research and Analysis, Projection of Economic Trends, and Economics and Policy Issues. One of his articles, "Rate of Interest and Indian Financial System", has been included in the book Financial Crisis and Indian Economy, published in 2015. He has presented and published many articles in international conferences, international journals, and Indian magazines. One of his articles, "Greece Crisis and Euro Currency: An Analysis", has been referred to by some authors in Greece. He can be reached at

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Wealth Management: Promising a Safe Haven for Your Post-Retirement Needs

Aditya Vikram Chatterjee is a first division graduate from Delhi University. Coming from an arts background, he started his career at a marketing firm as a Content Analyst. He eventually developed an interest in the area of finance and is currently doing his major in this field from IBS, Hyderabad. He has a strong interest in capital markets and recently worked as an intern in Karvy Stock Broking Limited. He can be reached at

Anita C Raman is the Consulting Editor of Treasury Management (IUP) and has been working in the Department of Finance and Accounting at IBS Hyderabad (Under IFHE- A Deemed to-be University u/s 3 of The UGC Act 1956) for more than two decades. She is an MBA (JNTU), CTM (ACTM) and NET-UGC and has around 20 years of teaching and research experience. She has four books and many articles to her credit in the areas of Financial Markets, Treasury Management and Risk Management. She can be reached at

The article takes the reader through the different investment options and also throws light on why investing in bonds becomes imperative for every investor after a point. It also gives a brief account of how Wealth Managers can assist one in achieving one'spost-retirement goals with their professional understanding of the economy and financial markets.

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Portfolio Optimization with Excel

Manohar V Dansingani is a Corporate Trainer; a Reviewer for Palgrave Communications; Former Founder-President, Pune Chapter of Institute of Management Accountants IMA (USA); a Question Writer for IMA; Gold-Level Leader; and Faculty and Mentor at IMA Leadership Academy. He has also facilitated two online course-packs as Premium Educator on The Harvard Business Publishing Education website. He has authored 7 books; his online courses on Udemy have students from 34 countries and are available in 12 languages; and his YouTube Playlist, Funda-Mentally Simple, has free educational videos. His webinars, articles and presentations are included in the IFAC Global Knowledge Gateway, ICMAI Knowledge Bank, and IMA Academic Forum. He can be reached at

Good investing is not just about picking one winner. It is about creating a portfolio with conviction and a long-term perspective. Every investor will differ in the risk-return profile. For some, high risk-high returns are acceptable. For others, risk is anathema. A few others, especially seasoned fund managers, insurers and the like, would like to optimize return, i.e., earn the highest excess return per unit of risk (when compared to a benchmark or a risk-free rate). The huge choice of available investments is an advantage, but rather daunting when one has to create a portfolio. The calculations of portfolio risk and the decision-making exercise-maximize returns or minimize risk or optimize returns-can be extremely onerous as the number of securities increases. Excel has a wonderful tool called Solver, using which one can eliminate the pain and errors of manual calculations.

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Currency Circulation and Demonetization: A Cautious Approach

S V Srirama Rao is Associate Editor, IUP Publications, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. E-mail:

To put an end to the practice of using currency for unfair means in the society, demonetization of 86% of currency was announced by the Government of India on November 8, 2016. Despite a few reservations, the RBI approved demonetization. Even though the public faced a lot of inconvenience, they lauded the government,s move. A cautious approach is what is needed in the exercise of demonetization option.

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