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A Contemporary View of Human System Integration in System Development Process

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2020
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Computer Sciences
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Author Name : Adejoro Cornelius Onimisi, Ogwueleka Fransica Nonyelum
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Subject/Domain : Management
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System implementation efforts offer extraordinary challenges to information technology professionals and the organizations impacted by the implementations. A successful implementation can reap vast rewards in organizational strengths and efficiencies. In response to the challenges related to the increasing size and complexity of systems, organizations have recognized the need to integrate human considerations in the beginning stages of systems development. The paper looks into the different views of how far Human Systems Integration (HSI) has been able to accomplish the objective of incorporating human factors within system development process and System Engineering (SE) process. It examines various modern necessities as it concerns HSI in developing system as offered through scholarly research and firsthand reports of system implementations within Military Institution and Rail Company, and discovers that many answers lie outside the bounds of technology.


In an era, where the complexity and size of systems have grown exponentially, rigorous competition has demanded the need for continuous innovation, volatile economic climates push organizations to produce more with less, and the integration of humans within systems poses an ever-growing challenge. The disconnect between people and technology is well-documented and has led to several major disasters such as Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and more recently, an incident involving the Patriot Missile radar system in which two friendly military aircraft were shot down (Michael, 2013).


Human System Integration (HSI), System development process, System Engineering (SE), System implementation

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