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Broadband Rectenna with Full-Wave Rectification

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2020
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Author Name : Sharanbasappa B Belamgi, Sudhabindu Ray
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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The paper studies a broadband full-wave rectifying-antenna (rectenna) which utilizes both half cycles for RF wireless energy transfer. The proposed full-wave rectenna configuration is designed using a broadband dual edge-feed microstrip antenna and a bridge rectifier. This antenna is inherently broadband in nature and can provide differential voltages at its two edges with respect to its center at TM01 mode. Various output properties for the proposed rectenna configuration are also studied. An optimized rectenna is finally fabricated for experimental verification and measured results agree with the theoretical results.


A rectenna is a rectifying antenna system, normally consisting of single or multiple receiving antennas and suitable rectifier. Sometimes, voltage multipliers are also included in rectenna systems to increase the output voltages (Brown, 1984; Saen et al., 2011; and Ito et al., 2014). The rectifier part of a rectenna can be either half-wave or full-wave. The half-wave rectifier is simple and can be constructed using single series or shunt diodes, but it can utilize only one half cycle of any AC signal. Several rectenna systems consisting of half-wave rectifier have been investigated so far (Ray and Kumar, 2004; Zhang and Wang, 2006; Yamamoto et al., 2007; Imai et al., 2011; Marian et al., 2012; Pham and Pham, 2013; Sun and Xu, 2015; Ashtari et al., 2016; Sun, 2016; Erkmen et al., 2017; and Mattsson et al., 2018). Rectenna with full-wave rectifier consisting of two diodes or four diodes are also studied by researchers (Xue et al., 2006; He and Liu, 2009; Arrawatia et al., 2015; Itoh, 2015; Erkmen et al., 2017; Su and Huang, 2017; and Shi et al., 2018). Although full-wave rectifier utilizes both half cycles, presently half-wave rectifiers are more popular.


Dual feed antenna, Full-wave rectenna, Wireless energy transfer

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