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Cost-Effective IoT-Based Home Automation Fault Detection and Monitoring System

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2020
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Author Name : Gajendra Kumar, Rakesh Kumar Sahu, Vikas Kumar Lodhi, Yugal Kishor Sahu4
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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At present, automation is common in commercial and domestic applications. In the current state of affairs, automation is not only about controlling things when the users are physically present at that exact place, it specifically means that they can control it from any place within the world. The paper presents web-based home automation with fault detection and monitoring approach. A nodeMCU board is employed as a brain of this method and to establish a connection with the internet. Together with that, a current sensor is employed for fault exploration and monitoring the activity of the appliance. Current is a governing parameter in the electricity world. Each appliance works properly for a selected worth of current. Further, a relay board is employed to regulate the appliances. Thus, in this paper, an infrequent approach is introduced to show the current status of the appliances, that it is on/off. And it additionally provides manual operative approach together with IoT-based automation by coordination of various relays.


Nowadays, wireless home automation system is growing speedily. As a result, everybody wants to have comfort in each and every field and finish the tasks quickly and efficiently. This want can be achieved by converting the 'normal' homes to smart ones. In the specific system, appliances are controlled by electronic gadgets like mobile phones and laptops; thus these systems are used to reduce human effort and decrease power loss. The 21st century is the era of web, where we can access anything from anywhere in the world; so in a fully-accomplished automation system, appliances can be controlled from anyplace in the world. Among all Internet of Things (IoT)-based applications, home automation is playing a vital role in creating smart cities. The appliances are connected to the internet using an intelligence system that receives command from the user on the cloud and appliances will be controlled; in this manner, the whole IoT system works. The paper presents an IoT-based home automation with a proper monitoring system which displays the status of the particular appliance, that is ON or OFF, and the user can also know whether the system is working properly or working on the desired current value or not. So in this manner, a stronger and convenient automation system will be designed.


Arduino, NodeMCU, MQTT Server, Current sensor, Home automation, IoT

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