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Usefulness of Facebook: A Study of Users' Perception

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2020
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There is a constant increase in the usage of Social Networking Sites (SNSs) around the world. People use SNSs for varied purposes like remaining in touch with family and friends, building new relationships, developing business, sharing information, spending time, entertainment purpose, etc. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, etc. are some of the most popular SNSs in the world. Different SNSs have dissimilar features and applications which help in fulfilling the varied needs of the users. Due to dissimilarity in features and applications, different SNSs are used for different purposes. It is also observed that perception of their usefulness differs among the users of the site, resulting in a difference in the purpose and proportion of their usage. The present study was conducted to identify the drivers of usefulness of 'Facebook' for individuals and society. All the drivers under study were found to have a positive and significant correlation with the perception of usefulness for society, while a few drivers were found to be significantly correlated with the perception of usefulness for individuals.


India had 566 million active internet users in December 2018, with an annual growth of 18%, which was expected to grow at 11% in the year 2019 (The Economic Times, 2019). According to an IAMAI (2015) report, 86% of the urban internet users were found using the internet for online communication, followed by entertainment activities like audio/video streaming and downloading which came to be 85%. Share for the purpose of social networking was observed to be 70% for the urban internet users (IAMAI, 2015). Thus, social networking was observed to be one of the important reasons behind the usage of internet facilities among the people in urban India, which depicts the rapid adoption of social network by the people of the country.


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