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Organizational Justice: The Transpiring Journey from Relative Deprivation to Integrative Justice

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2020
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Author Name : Muzaffar Ahmad Dar
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In the era of globalization and cut-throat competition, organizations operate at the global level, and committed and competent workforce is a prerequisite for their sustainable development. Organizations need to provide an enabling environment wherein competent human resources perceive that they are being treated fairly. Organizational justice can be defined as people's perception of fairness in organizations which is related to their pay, rewards, promotions, respect, dignity, information, dissemination, and so on. This paper presents the transpiring evolution of the concept 'organizational justice' in the field of organizational behavior and human resource management. This paper seeks to explore the historical advancements and the contemporary approaches ranging from relative deprivation to the present discourse on integrative wave. The journey of organizational justice has been classified into four distinct waves: (a) Distributive justice wave; (b) Procedural justice wave; (c) Interactional justice wave; and (d) The integrative wave. This paper focuses on the interrelation existing among these different movements. Moreover, this paper seeks to define the ebb and flow about the conceptual shoreline of organizational justice.


The concept of organizational justice received great attention during the 1960s and the 1970s as a result of development of numerous theories related to the field of organizational justice, which includes Homans (1961), Adams (1963 and 1965), Walster et al. (1973). With the advent of human civilization, fairness or justice has always been a matter of concern for mankind. The notion of justice for people at the workplace is a subject regarding the decisions in their organizations, which includes distribution of resources, fair processes, desired interpersonal treatment, etc.


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