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Perception of Employees towards Human Resource Development Systems in Healthcare: An Exploratory Analysis

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2020
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Author Name : Umer Shareef Sheikh
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The main purpose of this paper was to compare the perception of employees working in government hospitals with regard to various human resource development systems and practices in place and report the differences (if any) thereof. The paper is empirical in nature and the results are purely based on primary sources of data collected through a well-designed structured questionnaire. The author surveyed 10 district-level government hospitals of Jammu and Kashmir (India) and served questionnaire to 400 employees using convenience sampling method; however, only two hundred and eighty five (285) employees actively responded and participated in the study. The analysis of responses revealed satisfactory HRD systems in healthcare, while significant differences of perception among employees are reported so far as their demographic characteristics are concerned. Consequently, the author concluded that employees differ significantly in their views about HRD systems in government hospitals and suggested that organizations should plan and execute different developmental strategies for different employee groups depending upon their demography. The findings may be of immense importance to family and healthcare department, Government of Jammu and Kashmir. It may also help HR practitioners and scholars in building management concerns and advocacy for better HRD systems and practices. Very sparse and scant literature is available on this subject from government organizations. The study is thus a modest effort in this direction.


Development of human resource is an on-going and dynamic process encompassing individuals, groups, organizations and societies. The core of management, i.e., the human element, is the essence of Human Resource Development (HRD). Over the years, it has emerged as a key player not only in realizing the business goals of organization but also as a potential resource for gaining competitive advantage (Reed and DeFillip, 1990; Barney, 1991; Lado and Wilson, 1994; and Wright et al., 1994). This ever-grazing and increasing realization among organizations has resulted in the creation of proper HRD divisions for developing their employees and managerial personnel. In addition, with economic liberalization and globalization of trade, finance as well as labor, the comprehensive implementation of HRD programs has become the order of the day for companies facing intense internal and global competition.


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