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A Study on Electrically Conductive Concrete Made with Industrial Waste

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2020
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Author Name : M Purushothaman
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Generally, conventional concrete does not conduct electricity but conducts when some conductive components are added to the conventional concrete. This concrete is called Electrically Conductive Concrete (ECC). The paper studies the suitability of industrial waste materials for making ECC. Different industrial wastes such as lathe turns of aluminum and steel, powder of brass and cast iron, copper slag and lignite bottom ash were used as conductive materials. It was observed that industrial wastes such as bottom ash and copper slag were suitable materials for making concrete by replacing fine aggregate. From the number of trials, the optimum quantity of industrial waste to replace the conventional fine aggregate river sand was found. Then two different ECC mixes, Mix with Bottom Ash (MBA) and Mix with Copper Slag (MCS), were prepared based on volume basis. The strength, electrical resistivity and thermal properties of both the ECC specimens were studied.


Concrete has been used for many years as a composite material that has excellent mechanical and durability properties for construction. However, concrete is a poor electrical conductor and exhibits low electrical resistance when it is wet, but the same concrete would have much higher resistance in a dry condition. The electrical resistivity of dried concrete usually ranges from 6.54 * 105 to 11.4 * 105 W-cm (Whittington et al., 1981). This indicates that dry concrete is actually a good insulator (Ping et al., 1996); resistivity values range from 2,500 to 4,500 W-cm when concrete contains moisture (Xie and Beaudoin, 1995a and 1995b). Therefore, a new material technology is used for the concrete to achieve both mechanical and electrical conductivity properties.


Bottom ash, Concrete, Copper slag, Industrial waste

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