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Theories and Typologies of Migration: An Overview

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2021
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Author Name : Himani Kaushik*
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With regard to literature available about international migration and different theorizations, they are not discussed much as they are hindered by the increasing diversification of migration typology. This paper reviews different theories of migration and talks about the need for an interdisciplinary approach to the study of international migration and its theorization. In the paper, the author provides an overview (personalized) of different theories of migration divided into sub-headings and structure. Theories of migration like Historical-structural theory, Push-pull theory, World system theory, Neoclassical theory, Political economy models, Role of network theory and Transnationalism or the 'transnational turn' are briefly discussed. It also points out some future challenges associated with theorization of migration. The study of migration in the global settings is restricted to socioeconomic and political aspects of the process of migration. The potential migrant's life, choices and reasons for relocation should be often discussed in the migration literature. Existential dimensions of migration and relevance of emotional aspect should be included while theorizing migration. Migration is a dynamic process with different dimensions attached to it. This paper is intended as a primer to understand some of the complexities of theorizing migration.


International migration has been studied through various theories of migration. Research on migration lacks a common theoretical approach or a middle range theorization of migration. Bakewell1 coined the term 'theoretical brick' to help in building a more solid corpus of theorization about migration. Different theoretical understandings of international migration are proposed across disciplines - sociological, geographical, economic and unifying approach proposed through different theories to study the process of migration.2, 3 These disciplines within their structure try to explain the theories of international migration. It should be clear from the above that migration is too miscellaneous and multifaceted to be elucidated in a single theory.4 Earlier theorizations were disconnected from each other, but efforts


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