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Strength of Cold Formed Steel Sections: A Comparative Study Using Different International Standards

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2021
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Author Name : M Jain, N Binnani and R K Khare
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Subject/Domain : Science and Technology
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Cold Formed Steel (CFS) members are generally thin-gauged bent steel sheets or rolled into different shapes at ambient temperature which can carry significant load. They are used as the main component for construction of light gauge steel frame structures. However, being a thin-walled member, they often show many instability phenomena such as local buckling, distortional buckling and global buckling. Effective Width Method (EWM) and Direct Strength Method (DSM) are used to calculate the strength of CFS members. American standards (AISI S100) recommend both methods, whereas British Standard (BS 5950-5) uses EWM for design. DSM requires computational tools such as CUFSM (Constrained and Unconstrained Finite Strip Method), which is an open source software to determine the strength and buckling behavior of member. In this paper, a simple portal frame is designed using Tubular hot rolled steel section and CSF sections, and required quantity of steel has been compared. Also, design strengths of different cold formed Steel Stud Manufacture Association (SSMA) studs under compression (braced column), bending (laterally stable beam), and shear have been compared as per provisions mentioned in American (AISI S100) and British (BS 5950-5) standards. The results of the strength comparison can be further used as reference material by engineers.


Cold Formed Steel (CFS) is becoming a widely used building material for the construction of industrial, commercial or residential buildings because of its versatile properties like high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistant, ductile, easily recycled, etc. Simplicity in construction process, ease in transportation of structural members and faster execution have led to increased usage of cold form members in construction practices.


Cold Formed Steel (CFS) sections, Direct Strength Method (DSM), Effective Width Method (EWM), Hot rolled tubular sections

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