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On Building a Profitable Maintenance Business in Heavy Medical Equipment Market in B2G Segment

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Pub. Date : Feb, 2020
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Author Name : Kiselev Vladimir Dmitrievich, Zuenkova Julya Alexandrovna
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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The study attempts to identify the basic theoretical foundations at the emerging market of HME that have an impact on the development of this innovative sector of the economy. The research item is presented as a case study (Keykis) and defined as follows: "Is it possible to build a profitable maintenance business in the market of HME in the B2G segment and guarantee its high-quality in the circumstance of legislative loophole?" The answers could serve as a basis for the development of legislative provisions and maintenance guidelines, as well as for forming managerial and marketing strategies for the company. The research methods consist in examining this phenomenon in a particularly challenging situation in time, space and interrelation of key participants of the emerging industry market, including public and private stakeholders, domestic and foreign businesses, responsible and irresponsible characters. The case study is based on authoring tools of academic economy that are applied in practice: the product matrix, the market carotid (3D economy model), and the amplified marketing strategy matrix. The results show the mutual influence of stakeholders on the new market branch of medical technologies and business development opportunities at the HME maintenance market in the Russian Federation. The practical importance of the paper is to facilitate the definition of difficult economic situation, provide guidelines for strategic processing and apply these tools to practical management.


X-ray diagnostic machine is a Heavy Medical Equipment (HME) requiring calibration, maintenance, repair, user training, and decommissioning-activities usually managed by clinical engineers.1 According to the regulation, the X-ray machines are subject to maintenance procedures which include Inspection, Preventive Maintenance (IPM)2 and Corrective Maintenance (CM).3 This is an indispensable condition for its safe operation and effective use.4 Unsecured medical equipment or medical equipment that has been discontinued for maintenance is not eligible for medical use because it may pose a serious danger to the patient and medical staff. Responsibility for the safe operation of medical equipment is borne by its owner (Medical Organization (MO)).5 Repair work of any kind is carried out on demand to eliminate any equipment malfunctions and restore their efficiency. The composition and structure of the work may not be the same even for the same type of equipment.


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