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Application of Lean in an Engineering Service Industry

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Pub. Date :Feb, 2020
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Operations Management
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Author Name : G N Sridhar, Yerriswamy Wooluru
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Subject/Domain : Management
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This paper highlights the implementation of Lean in a non-manufacturing setup, viz., in an engineering service industry involved in designing, analysis and prototyping of the parts. Even though Lean has been predominantly used in a manufacturing scenario, the present study draws a comparison and shows that it blends itself equally well in the non-manufacturing scenario also, resulting in similar benefits like cycle time reduction, cost savings, productivity improvement, efficiency improvement, etc. This study, in the form of a case analysis, gives a snapshot of the improvements realized through Lean implementation in one of the sub-processes, viz., 'generation of 3D models and manufacturing drawings', which is a part of the new product development lifecycle.


Lean implies 'minimizing inputs and maximizing outputs' at every process step. By eliminating waste, we can simultaneously reduce our costs, make better use of our resources and deliver better customer value (Abdi et al., 2006).


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