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Improving the Efficiency of Production Line: An Empirical Study in Garment Industry

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Pub. Date : Feb, 2020
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Author Name : Rashmi S, Nithya S K, K Tejaswini
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The paper aims at enhancing the efficiency of a production line, thereby improving the performance of the operator. A detailed layout of the production line is drawn and time study is conducted to arrive at a standard time for various operations. Line balancing methodology is adopted to balance the production line. Further with the help of method study procedure and time study techniques, cycle time of the production line is identified. Pitch diagram is drawn to identify critical operation in the production line. After analyzing the pitch diagram, various bottlenecks in the production line are identified. This includes high cycle time and uneven work assignments for individual operators. By using seven quality control tools and line balancing techniques, bottlenecks in the production line are reduced, and unnecessary movement of man and material is reduced significantly by redesigning the layout. Further, an increase in production rate and reduction in overall production cost of garments is achieved.


The garment industry is one of the leading sectors in the Indian economy as it contributes nearly 14% to the total industrial production. Garment industry in India has been the largest net foreign exchange earner. Competition in the garment industry has intensified with globalization and barrier fee international trade in garment, which in turn has offered both challenges and opportunities to this industry. The role of garment industry in GDP of India has been quite significant. The worldwide trade of clothing has boosted the GDP of India to a great extent.


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