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Lean Manufacturing Implementation Using Value Stream Mapping with Simulation to Reduce Cycle Time and Improve Productivity in Valve Manufacturing Unit

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Pub. Date :Feb, 2020
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Author Name : Syed Irfan S, Varun Bhatt
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For any manufacturing unit to outsmart its competitors, it must focus on improving the productivity of its operations and quality of its products, and emphasize on decreasing the delivery time of its products to its customers. This work highlights the minimization of non-value adding activities of steering gear box sub-assembly station in the manufacturing unit and it is done through one of the key tools of lean manufacturing techniques, i.e., Value Stream Mapping (VSM). Firstly, the current state VSM is done, which reveals the unwanted movements of operators. It is observed that a significant amount of non-value adding activities are being carried out by the operators. Prodigious efforts are made in order to reduce the unproductive movements of the operators and suitable remedial measures are encouraged at each section, thereby improving the productivity of the processes. By simulating the model of process on arena software, the suggestions and proposed changes are successfully implemented and future state VSM is done. The results obtained are encouraging. This work will be of immense help to those involved in areas of productivity improvement in a manufacturing unit.


In the present situation due to shifting of customer requirements, there is burgeoning growth of product variances and altering order range. This forces the manufacturers to go for new production system and processes as that provide more flexibility. On the other hand, manufacturers have to concentrate on product variety and customer satisfaction, because the era of mass production has become obsolete. Manufacturing sectors have to focus on reducing and eliminating waste through projects of continuous improvement in order to increase the effectiveness of production. Efficient production process coupled with high quality control has become the essence for manufacturing companies to guarantee on-time delivery and meet customer satisfaction (Reddyet al., 2013). Simultaneously with the implementation of modern manufacturing approaches, companies have to change business procedures in general in order to be compatible with the new manufacturing philosophy. In recent years, the popularity of lean manufacturing has grown considerably. It has various tools to treat all sorts of complications faced by any industry. Value Stream Mapping (VSM), a key tool of lean manufacturing techniques, is a mapping paradigm used to describe the configuration of value streams. It maps not only material flows but also information flows that signal and control these material flows (Rother and Shook, 1999).


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