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Gilbert Cell-Based Active Mixers: A Critical Study

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Pub. Date : Feb, 2020
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Author Name : Avvaru Subramanyam, R V S Satyanarayana
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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Mixer, a frequency translator, plays a vital role in Radio Frequency (RF) communication. The paper studies the different structural designs of CMOS active mixers and explores down conversion mixer of the RF receiver front end. Different versions of Gilbert mixer-based designs like source degeneration, port matching networks, aspect ratio-based, charge injection, resistive load, current bleeding, Common Mode Feedback (CMFB), etc. are considered. For all these designs, Figure of Merit (FoM) is calculated. A comparison is made with reference to performance metrics, namely, Conversion Gain (CG), Noise Figure (NF), third-order Intercept Point (IP3) and 1-dB compression point related to linearity; isolation of ports, supply voltage and power consumption are tinted majorly. However, conciliation in performance metrics is found to be inevitable.


In general, a transmitter, a channel (wireline communication employs a cable and wireless communication happens in air), and a receiver constitute a communication system, as shown in Figure 1. In digital communication system, digital bit stream from the source is taken by the modulator in the transmitter to modulate it on a carrier of high-frequency. Then it is conditioned by the back end to a suitable form to transmit. Distortion, noise, interference and other impairments attempt to corrupt the transmitted signal. The front end of the receiver takes this impaired signal to condition it for demodulation, done by the demodulator (Bosco, 2011).


Gilbert mixer, Source degeneration, Aspect ratio, Charge injection, Resistive load, Current bleeding, Common Mode Feedback (CMFB)

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