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Design and Development of Hydraulic Machine Vice

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Pub. Date : Feb, 2021
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Author Name : Shweta Desale, Gayatri Fegade, Meghana Kakade, Prajakta Bhosale and Priyanka Chavan
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During machining, holding the component firmly is always a crucial task. Workpiece never has the same size, shape and material. It requires different forces and different sizes of clamping jaws. In an ordinary vice, the human power requirement is more to tighten the heavy jobs, but in the machine vice, the hydraulic arrangement is used to tighten the job automatically. In this paper, reduction of human effort and enhancing safety play a vital role while designing and fabricating the machine vice, which is used to hold the components during heavy machining works. In normal machine vice, the human labor involved in operating the handle to grip the component tightly is more. Excess amount of human effort generally results in damage to the workpiece. This may be avoided using hydraulic machine vice, in which the workpiece cannot be damaged while clamping the job, as only adequate amount of pressure is exerted to tighten the job. In this vice, we can also hold components of different shapes with the help of the adjustable jaws that can be provided if needed. A lever slides the movable jaw, using a lead screw for forward and reverse movement of the movable jaw. Hydraulic machine vice can be used for all types of machines.


A vice or vise is basically, a mechanical apparatus which holds or secures an object or a job so that different machining operations can be performed on it. Vice normally consists of one fixed jaw and another parallel jaw which can be moved towards or away from the fixed jaw by the arrangement of lead screw. Vices are used for holding components on machines like lathes, milling machine, drilling machine, etc. and also by tool makers for holding various kinds of jobs. Vice usually refers to a bench vice with flat and parallel jaws attached to a workbench (Sivasankaran et al., 2017). Existing


Machine vice, Hydraulic machine vice, Movable jaw, Adjustable jaws