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Performance Analysis of LEACH and LEACH-CC Protocol with Cryptographic Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Pub. Date : Jan' 2021
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Author Name : Deepika Verma, R S Gamad and Neelu Nihlani
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In Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), the life span depends on the energy consumption of the sensor node by reducing the energy consumption of each node, which in turn increases the lifetime of the network. Clustering with data aggregation is an effective technique to reduce the energy consumption. Besides prolonging the network lifetime, fulfilling security requirements is vital as wireless sensor nodes are generally applied in crucial application where security plays an important role. Sensor nodes are prone to node compromise and different attacks, so security issues are extremely important while communicating over the internet. The paper deals with the implementation of Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) and LEACH-CC protocol individually and with cryptographic algorithms Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA), ElGamal and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) in MATLAB. We also developed a program for encrypting and decrypting text files.


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are networks consisting of a large number of small and tiny sensor nodes. The nodes are supplied with limited power, memory and small range of communication, and need a secured and efficient routing path to forward the incoming packet. Sensor network lifetime is a primary concern in sensor network design. In order to enhance the network lifetime for a particular application, many routing protocols (Javaid et al., 2012) have been devised. These protocols can be classified into three categories. Flat, hierarchical and location-based routing protocols. In hierarchical routing protocols, we have selected the Low-Energy Adaptive


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH), LEACH-CC, Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA), Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), ElGamal, MATLAB

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