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Performance Analysis of Solar Water Heater Using U-Shaped Heat Pipe

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Pub. Date : Feb, 2022
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Author Name : Sunil Nain* and Pinku Kumar**
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The paper fabricates and experimentally analyzes solar water heater fitted with evacuated tube and U-shaped heat pipe. The arrangement comprises 10 evacuated tubes and U-shaped copper heat pipe inserted in the evacuated tubes to advance the performance of the solar water heater. A U-shaped copper heat pipe is utilized to exploit natural circulation of heat and ethylene glycol is used as base fluid. The framework execution is estimated as far as change of temperature, net heat gain by water and efficiency of the solar water heater. The exhibition parameters are plotted against various estimations of ambient air temperature, outlet water temperature and solar radiation intensity for different mass flow rates. The maximum temperature achieved at fixed quantity of water (100 L) is 78.8 C using heat pipe and 59 C without heat pipe. The maximum increase in change of temperature of water is 15.38% using heat pipe in 90 min at low flow rate of water (0.01639 kg/s). The maximum value of net heat gain at 0.03225 kg/s flow rate of water in the trial period is 715.66 J/s and corresponding efficiency of solar water heater is 68.95% using heat pipe, whereas maximum value of net heat gain is 580.63 J/s and corresponding efficiency is 56.66% without heat pipe. The maximum percentage increase in net heat gain using heat pipe is 23.26% as compared to simple system with high mass flow rate of water (0.03625 kg/s). The increase in the efficiency of solar water heater using heat pipe is 21.69% as compared to simple evacuated tube-based system with high flow rate of water (0.03625 kg/s).


Due to the increasing level of global warming and depletion of fossil fuels, people have now started using renewable energy sources. In this regard, solar energy is one of the most reliable energy resources due to its easy availability and environment-friendly nature. In order to utilize solar energy in the most efficient way, various technologies have been explored over last decades. Modern technologies have been developed to use solar energy by converting it into another form of energy for residential and industrial heating and cooling systems through the use of photovoltaic or PV panels. These devices absorb the solar radiations and convert them directly into electrical energy.