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Advanced Image Processing Algorithms for Categorizing and Evaluating Plant Diseases: A Study

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Pub. Date : February' 2022
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Author Name : G Mahalaxmi*, T Tirupal** and T Aditya Sai Srinivas***
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Subject/Domain : Arts & Humanities
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The paper studies the approaches to detecting, evaluating and categorizing plant diseases from digital images in the visible spectrum using appropriate processing techniques. Despite the fact that disease symptoms might appear anywhere on the plant, only approaches that looked at obvious symptoms in leaves and stems were examined. This was designed for various reasons: to keep the report short and because methods dealing with roots, seeds, and fruits have some unique characteristics that would necessitate a separate survey. The concepts chosen are organized into three categories based on their goal: detection, severity quantification and categorization. Each classification is further categorized based on the algorithm's primary technical solution. The paper also examines and contrasts the benefits and drawbacks of different prospective strategies. Image acquisition, image preprocessing, feature extraction and neural network-based categorization are a few of the techniques included. Researchers working on both vegetable pathology and pattern recognition can benefit from this study, which provides a detailed and accessible summary of this vital field of research.


India is predominantly a farming country, with agriculture providing employment to a vast majority of the population. Agricultural research aims at boosting productivity and food quality, while lowering costs and increasing profits. A complex interaction of soil, seed, and agrochemicals results in the agricultural production system. The most important agricultural products are vegetables and fruits. Product quality control is essentially required in order to obtain more useful products. Plant diseases have been shown in numerous studies to impair the quality of agricultural goods. Diseases are natural changes in a plant's state that disrupt or stop vital processes like


Disease diagnosis, Image acquisition, Preprocessing