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Mapping the Evolution of Green and Sustainable Banking: Prospects for Future Research

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Pub. Date : Feb, 2023
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Author Name : Aarti and Silender Singh
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Subject/Domain : Finance
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The growing awareness and significance of the "environment protection" concept- which imposes a responsibility on businesses, policymakers, governments, and regulatory agencies for tackling climate change and global warming-has created an urgent need for carefully examining current green and sustainable banking practices. This study aims to provide an overview of the present situation and future trends in green and sustainable banking through bibliometric research. For a comprehensive bibliometric analysis, the study includes 272 published research studies from the Scopus database for the period 1989 to 2023. Bibliometrics with MS-Excel, Biblioshiny R Studio, and VOSviewer were used to recognize and assess the trend of the related studies, research areas, authors, nations, institutions, and keywords. The research findings reveal the emerging trend and thematic evolution with regard to green and sustainable banking has increased recently. The findings will be helpful for academics and reviewers in selecting future green banking research topics and for decision makers in defining the standards for green banking research.


Green Banking (GB), a relatively new concept, is increasingly gaining popularity. It requires financial institutions to incorporate environmental and social considerations into their decisionmaking process. Financial institutions are an integral part of an economy's structure and play a critical role in ensuring that money moves through the financial system smoothly, promoting national development. They make it easier for everyone in the community to save money, get finance or capital, and invest their assets. Banking is one of the most successful financial sectors (Putri et al., 2022). The roots of GB can be traced to the early 1990s, when several banks in Europe began offering environmental loans to businesses that were looking to invest in environment-friendly technologies. Green refers to being environment-friendly, while banking refers to the act of providing financial services. Therefore, the term "Green Banking" refers to a bank's operational efficiency and dedication to environmental responsibility (Nisha et al.,