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Design and Implementation of FM Transmitter for Security and Communication Purpose

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Pub. Date : Feb' 2023
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Author Name : Dominic Ondieki Nyamieri and Cliff Orori Mosiori
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Frequency Modulation (FM) transmitter is a small electronic gadget that has a wire (aerial), produces electromagnetic radio waves, and is capable of transmitting energy through space. It generates radio frequency signals that can be received by a well-designed antenna. At the point where signal reception occurs, the radio waves get energized by a rotating current in the receiving wire. It is therefore, a complex gadget considered to be a high voltage energy system. Its design is complex and thus demands critical maintenance procedures which are costly. In Kenya, there is rapidly growing demand for the use of FM transmitters both among individuals and institutions. This work is carried to design, construct and implement an FM transmitter that is cheaper to buy, easy to maintain and expected to be equally efficient when in operation. An FM transmitter was designed and constructed using transistors, resistors, coils, capacitors and microphone. It was mounted on testing a symbolic bed assumed to be of a patient (at Coast Level Five Hospital), who figuratively required the attention of medical personnel (doctor/nurse/caretaker). It was connected to 12V DC power source and tested. The results revealed that a locally designed FM transmitter that operates on low power can be designed to have an appreciable range of signal transmission. It is recommended that further investigations be carried out on the signal coupling circuit so as to improve the range of transmission further.


We live in the Information Age (Uchiyama et al., 2020), when uniquely modified electronic communication systems are influencing how we live and operate. Frequency Modulation (FM) transmitter provides greater signal-to-noise ratio than Amplitude Modulated (AM) transmitter for the same antenna input. FM transmitter has been adopted by governments and state parastatals as a means of radio broadcast for


Coast General Hospital, LC tank circuit, Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT), Oscillator circuit, Stable frequency, Power transistors, Amplifiers, Coupling capacitor, Emitter resistor