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Developing a Sign Language Interpreter for Speech-Impaired People Using Arduino

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Pub. Date : Feb' 2023
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Telecommunications
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Author Name : Jalamanchili Sai Gana Manideep, K Santosh Prasad, S Vishal Ram and Nirmala Jegadeesan
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Subject/Domain : Arts & Humanities
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Communication helps one to share information with others, but it is a big challenge for speech-impaired people to express and convey their feelings. Persons who have lost their ability to speak and hear find it difficult to connect with others. Speechimpaired people communicate with others using sign language. In this study, we present the design of a smart glove to help the speech-impaired communicate with others. The aim of this device is to decrease the chance of communication barriers between the speech-impaired and others. It enables the speech-impaired to communicate normally with everyone without taking others' help. Further, the device is cost-effective and affordable.


Speech-impaired people find it difficult to communicate with others. Many researchers and tech-companies have tried and modeled a few alternatives for these people, but they are complicated and costly. Hence, we thought of designing an affordable sign language interpreter. This device consists of a glove that makes use of Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) sensors for mapping the intensity that is measured according to the user's tactile finger motion to common phrases used in sign language. The device thus effectively aids the speech-impaired to communicate with others.


Sign language, Arduino, Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)