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Swadeshi Strategy: Insights from Baba Ramdev's Life Story

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Pub. Date : March' 2020
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Patanjali was an unknown entity about a decade ago; today it is one of the leading Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands in India. The man behind the incredible success of Patanjali brand is a sanyasi with the Midas touch-Baba Ramdev. This paper takes a close look at Ramdev's business strategies that have helped him translate his telegenic personality as a yoga guru and Ayurveda practitioner into positive brand equity for the company he founded, and distills the strategy lessons that entrepreneurs and individuals can draw from the way he has transformed a wide and unchartered bottom-of-the-pyramid consumer segment into Patanjali's loyal customers, in the process expanding and deepening the FMCG market in India.


Much before the word "strategy" made its entry into common parlance in the 1800s, the word was purely used in the military context. As the etymology of the word "strategy," which goes back to classical Greek, shows, the root of the word can be traced to the Greek stratos (army) + agein (to lead), and the strategos was a general or commander of an army whose job was to survey the enemy forces, review the strengths and weaknesses of one's own army, look at every possible scenario, weigh the pros and cons, and plan an attack or defense as required.


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