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From the Skies to the Ground: A Case Study on the Trajectories of Jet Airways

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Pub. Date : March' 2020
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The case intends to teach students of business management the intricacies related to emergence, evolution and expulsion of a private airline company in the Indian aviation market. It introduces to them how the first private Indian airlines, Jet Airways, set standards for domestic and international air transportation when Air India was the sole player dominating the sector. The paper helps to familiarize the students of Transport Economics on different business models of the aviation industry, that is, low-cost carriers, full-service carriers and hybrid carriers. The case study on Jet Airways brings forth how practical considerations of survival compel the airline to change its business models and also teaches them that the Indian aviation industry is subjected to transformations similar to that of the changes being taken place in the rest of the world. The factors that contributed to the failure of Jet Airways discussed in the case study provide ample opportunity for the students to gain adequate knowledge on the constraints of Jet Airways while operating in the aviation sector.


On October 16, 2008, Thursday morning, former chairman and founder, Jet Airways, Naresh Goyal called for a press meet to share his views on the decision of the management of Jet Airways to terminate 1,900 employees within a span of two-day time without prior notice. He started with an apology note, "I apologize for the agony that you all went through. I was not there when this decision was taken. I came to know about it later. I have not been able to sleep all night. I request all of you to start work from tomorrow morning". Goyal went on to state that his conscience did not permit him to ignore the suffering of the employees whom he considered to be his family members. "When I saw the tears rolling down from some of the workers' faces, I was moved. I cannot see you all unhappy. My workers are like my family members". He added, "it is my personal decision as a father of the family".

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