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Senior Executives @ Risk: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Success!

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Pub. Date : March, 2020
Product Name : Effective Executive
Product Type : Coaching and Mentoring
Product Code : EECM40320
Author Name : Michael Walton*
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Subject/Domain : Management
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Continuing success as an executive cannot be guaranteed, and this paper outlines some of the challenges and traps awaiting those in positions of organizational power and influence. At its heart, this paper is about alerting executives to counterproductive and toxic patterns of behavior that may have come to characterize them in the positions of authority-behaviors that will become self-defeating and dysfunctional and will lead to derailment and failure. The critical importance of examining executive behavior 'in context' is stressed.


The purpose of this paper is to remind senior executives-and other senior professionals-about some of the pitfalls they need to avoid if they are to maintain their successful career trajectory and avoid roadblocks, brick walls, psychological exhaustion and other obstacles during their professional and executive careers.


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