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Roundabouts Modeling and Vehicular Traffic Control Techniques: A Survey

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Pub. Date : March, 2020
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Author Name : JBabangida Zachariah, Philip O Odion, Rambo I Saidu
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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Roundabouts, which are circular intersections that are alternatives to and with advantages over the classical isolated intersections, have recently gained much attention of researchers. A number of surveys have focused on the results of research and not on the modeling approaches used to acquire the results. Therefore, the paper presents a survey of the approaches used in modeling and controlling vehicular traffic flows at a roundabout. It considered the simulation tools, optimization tools or techniques used, the number of lanes, number of entry and exits of the roundabouts and the number of roundabouts. In addition, vehicle type, control type, control approach and parameter of interest were also considered. It was discovered that most of the research considered a single roundabout and so there was no need of coordinated traffic control. On optimization, it was discovered that computational intelligence tools are often used for optimizing traffic control systems, though only a few of them have actually been used. Therefore, it is recommended that researchers may consider exploring other such tools and modeling more multi-lane and coordinated roundabouts which may be representing the next-generation of modern roundabouts and classical intersections.


In today's world, the supremacy and influence of any nation largely depends on its technological and economic power. The economic power is essentially dependent on economic activities, which transportation system greatly influences. This is obvious since goods and services, as the products of economic activities, have the essential requirements of timely and cost-effective delivery to the locations where they are required. One of the most cost-effective transportation systems for timely delivery of goods and services is road transport systems, where vehicles of different types serving different purposes are used. Due to their necessity and luxury purposes, the number of vehicles on our roads have undoubtedly been on the increase. This results in unnecessary traffic congestion whose effects include possibilities of deadlock, crashes, unnecessary long travel times (delays) and undesirable concentration of emitted harmful gases in the air which have negative health implications on the inhabitants at such locations (Fouladvand et al., 2008; Tomar and Verma, 2011; and Inta, 2017).


Roundabouts, Optimization, Traffic, Intersections, Control systems, Survey

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