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Employee Retention Through Listening-Centered Communication

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Pub. Date : March, 2020
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Author Name : Sushmita Chakravarti, Saikat Chakraborty
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Subject/Domain : Management
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It is always a challenge for managers to retain the right kind of talent in the form of employees in organizations. Considering the fact that a significant proportion of employees exit their organizations due to lack of listening to, understanding, interpreting, evaluating and responding to employees' communication, this paper focuses on the value of listening-centered communication in retaining employees in organizations. Despite the importance of communication and communication skills in employee retention discussed by several practitioners and researchers, the contribution that listening-centered communication can provide in this regard has found less attention and therefore becomes the motivation for this paper. After establishing the relevance of listening-centered communication in employee retention, the paper further provides certain ways that managers and organizational stakeholders can develop using the listening-centered communication model to reduce job hopping and increase employee satisfaction. Subsequently, the paper develops employee-retention targeted strategies of listening-centered communication at different stages of employment tenure.


With increasing competition in business, the requirement of skilled employees has risen due to which employee retention has become a key challenge for organizations. Management often incurs huge investment on building organizational talent and the resignation of a talented employee is not only detrimental to the organization but has a serious impact on other organizational members also.


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