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Learner-Centered Approach: Engaging Students in Learning Activities

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Pub. Date : March, 2020
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Author Name : S Durga Sasi Kiran
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Learners must project learning independence, understand their strengths, weaknesses, learning processes, demonstrate ability to select suitable learning strategies while working in a group in order to develop interpersonal and active listening skills. Name it 'active learning, self-managed learning, learner-centered', all are synonyms with subtle distinctions, resulting in knowledge acquisition processes relevant to today's student temperaments. Researchers have found that effectively performing an activity can positively impact subsequent engagement. This paper shows how student engagement through flipped class model, activity-based learning and individualized activity would maximize the student's academic growth; accordingly, when 'the jigsaw model' was tried, which was an explicit but direct approach characterized by a series of frameworks, students were guided through clear instruction.


Students attend classes with mild (emotional) to moderate (learning) disabilities struggling a lot to pay attention to the classroom activity. Teachers have long realized that student engagement is absolutely essential for student learning; if students are not engaged with the content to be mastered, they will not learn it.


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