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Taiwan: A Global Model for Combatting the Covid-19 Crisis

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Pub. Date : Mar' 2021
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The case discusses the measures taken by the Taiwanese government to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. Despite its close geographic proximity to China, where the outbreakbegan, Taiwan had limited its cases to just 443 as of May 30, 2020, with only seven deaths. Taiwan with its speedy,efficient, and expert-led response, has thus become a role model in combating thepandemic globally, despite its exclusion from the World Health Organization(WHO). The case highlights the lessons the world could learn from Taiwan s successful response to the COVID-19 crisis, particularly the 5 Ts : transparency, transportation controls,tracking, testing, and technology. After its success in containing the coronavirus outbreak, analysts wondered whether Taiwan would be invited to join the WHO so that the global community would get more opportunities to learn about the country s epidemic prevention model and healthcare expertise. Also, it remained to be seen whether Taiwan would be able to maintain its robust pandemic prevention policies until the end of the pandemic.


While countries across the globe were grappling with the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) crisis due to large-scale infections and deaths, one nation managed to effectively flatten the curve and slow down the spread of infection Taiwan. As of May 30, 2020, Taiwan had registered about 443 coronavirus cases and reported 7 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.1 The figures were among the lowest in the world despite the country s close geographic proximity to mainland China, where the disease originated in December 2019. Early intervention and the vigilant monitoring

Through early recognition of the crisis, daily briefings to the public, and simple health messaging, the government was able to reassure the public by delivering timely, accurate, and transparent information regarding the evolving epidemic. Taiwan is an example of how a society can respond quickly to a crisis and protect the interests of its citizens.i

- C Jason Wang, Director of Center for Policy, Outcomes and Prevention at Stanford Medicine, in March 2020.

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