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Future Challenges of Sustainable Leadership and Stakeholder Management in "The Circular Economy" - Examples from the Built Environment in Europe

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Pub. Date : Mar, 2021
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Author Name :Stephanie Jones and Rana Samy
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Sustainable leadership is seen as an increasingly popular-and essential- leadership strategy-but how to achieve it? And where to start? One route is through the transition of a business from the linear economy model to that of "the circular economy". This varies by industry, by country and by the leaders involved. In the case of the building construction sector in the Netherlands (and specifically in Amsterdam), this transition is informed and enabled by the practice-based "learning by doing" concept. The leaders involved in this transition-especially those playing the role of stakeholder managers, architects and building material suppliers-have been engaged in innovative projects that are pushing the boundaries of circular construction. The transition to becoming more sustainable is likely to affect all the stakeholders involved. Businesses and employees could witness their roles evolve and shift to include new responsibilities, with the demand for new areas of expertise.

Introduction: The Linear Model vs. The Circular Model

In nature, ecosystems govern the flow of materials and energies in continuous cycles which are designed to feed back into a system, generating no waste in the process. By contrast, leaders and managers of businesses-in most cases-have developed a system where raw materials and finite resources are extracted, exploited, transformed, and then disposed of as waste. Known as the linear economy, with a "take-make-dispose" linear model of growth,


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