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Leadership Constraints: Executive Behavior When the Organization Says 'No'!

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Pub. Date : Mar, 2021
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Author Name :Michael Walton
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'Leadership' conjures up for many images of Military Officers issuing orders, commanding the troops, deploying resources and 'getting things done'. Unimpeded by doubt, challenge or debate, such idealized Super-Hero military models of leadership are reinforced in the media, on film and in popular fiction. They present however a romanticized portrayal of 'the Heroic Leader' which is somewhat different to the lived experiences of most executives in the workplace. Occupying a position of executive leadership does not presume unerring wisdom and judgment and omniscience; nor does it confer unrestricted decision-making authority. Executive behavior is 'bounded', and this paper considers how executives may respond when their freedom of action is constrained.

Introduction: The Linear Model vs. The Circular Model

This paper considers the behavior which an Executive1 may exhibit when their freedom of action is limited and constrained by organizational boundaries. It focuses in particular on the behavior an executive may exhibit when they do not get their way and when they feel that their intentions are being challenged and blocked unnecessarily. My experience indicates that the more a leader feels able to accomplish their business


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