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The Six Essentials of Teamwork

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Pub. Date : Mar, 2021
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This paper examines the six essential aspects of every great team: (1) Clarifying a shared meaningful goal; (2) Establishing and reinforcing trust over and over; (3) Knowing your roles and responsibilities and executing them as well as you can; (4) Challenging the myths of teams; (5) Preserving the emotional safety of other people in each moment of each gathering; and (6) Caring about each member of the team. These six essentials are necessary for building and sustaining the type of teamwork that is required to succeed in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Clarify a Shared, Meaningful Goal

A team is a group of individuals who support one another toward achieving important goals and fulfilling a meaningful purpose.

The most basic element of a team is that the people on the team share a meaningful goal. They know the goal, and they know how their efforts contribute toward achieving the goal.

That might sound overwhelmingly obvious, and yet many business groups inside of the same organization are not a team. They are a collection of individuals. They might be called a committee or a task force or employees or staff members, but they are not a team. What's missing? They do not have a shared, meaningful goal.


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