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The Impact of Rote Learning at Tertiary Level

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Pub. Date : Mar, 2021
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English, the associate official language of India, is widely used as the medium of instruction at the tertiary level of education. In the context of globalization, English has become an inevitable part of a learner's academic and social career. The learners are expected to exhibit their language competence apart from their subject knowledge. This being the case, a contrast scenario is prevailing in most of the arts and science colleges in the rural areas. The learners reproduce the content through rote learning, even in the case of BA English literature students. This paper focuses on the impact of rote learning at the tertiary level and explores the possible alternatives that can be offered to the learners in the ESL context.


Learning is the assimilation of new thoughts and ideas that adds and associates with the repertoire of the learner. Learning should be process-oriented rather than conditionaloriented. Since learning is linked with the mental domain, it is the facilitator's responsibility to expose the learners to real-life situations. Rote learning is the process of memorizing and reciting the text without giving much significance to meaning, learning second language through rote learning may stifle the student's language competence at tertiary level. Second language learning should happen naturally in the classroom. The learner's active role in interactions in classroom will promote learning. This paper focuses on the role and impact of such rote learning at tertiary level and attempts to explore the alternative methods to facilitate the learning process.


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