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Implementation of QFD in Dairy Industry: A Quantitative Approach to Relating Customer Requirement with Operational Application

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Pub. Date : March 21
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Author Name : Aswin Sambhu P R, Jyoti Pathak, Rushina Singhi and Vijit Chaturvedi
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The study focuses on the application of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) in the dairy industry to study the voice of the customers meeting the technical requirement. To study the model, three different dairy companies functioning in India were selected. The voice/need of the customers was collected through questionnaires. The responses were recorded from 300 respondents, which were analyzed using quality function deployment as a model to understand and study the relation between customer needs and technical descriptors. Competitive analysis was performed for three competing dairies. Technical descriptors have been identified and prioritized to satisfy the need of the customers in dairy industry. Various important technical descriptors for the dairy products like quality, texture, form, freshness and durability of the packaged milk have been identified. The proposed QFD model is applied to study the quality of product and service of a dairy industry. The findings obtained from implementation QFD in dairy industry provides important and useful insights to the experts. This paper could be used by academicians, researchers and practitioners to understand the needs of customers and development of products using QFD method for delivering high quality products and services in various sectors.


Dairy industry in India plays an important role in its socioeconomic development. All over the world, India has been leading in the consumption and production of dairy products. India is well known as the 'Oyster' of the global dairy industry. Dairy market in India had reached a value of 10,527 bn in 2019. Indian dairy sector is growing at the rate of 6.4% and globally at the rate of 1.7% and is making efforts to improve it further; currently it has a global market share of 19%. This significant value of this industry is due to continuous efforts by the government to promote it and their schemes and policy for rural people associated with it. Private institutions are also showing interest and investing in this industry, which has also benefitted the industry.

In India, the dairy industry is majorly a secondary occupation for source of income for farmers, but is real relief in paying debt and loans as agricultural production in India is

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