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Binary of Justice/Injustice in Literary Imagination: A Critical Reading of Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance

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Pub. Date : March, 2022
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Author Name :Satyanarayan Tiwari and Ajay K Chaubey
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Hegemony in society and disillusionment of individuals is a legitimate subject-matter of critical inquiry in literature and other cultural forms as the same have enlightened the human consciousness from time to time. The writers, thinkers, painters, filmmakers and so on have been cognizant of justice/injustice in literature, culture, politics and society. Rohinton Mistry is one such author who catches our attention for the reason that his fictions portray the quintessence of individuals and unfold several stories of melancholy and mayhem. The present paper critically traces the trajectory of Mistry's magnum opus, A Fine Balance (1995), and explores the unexplored binaries of justice/ injustice in it. The paper is a humble attempt to answer the questions as to how political polarization, communalism, exploitation of subalterns and discretionary power enlarge the circumference of iniquity in society and in what way do those subjugated share justice among them. Simultaneously, the paper also underscores the encounter between 'misbalanced' psyche of people and the collective consciousness of society, which is often debated in media and academia.

The concept of justice, in general, and social justice, in particular, is replete with multifarious meanings and it cannot be bracketed in a simple and linear analysis, as it is not mono-dimensional. The dereliction of moral values and denial of justice question the principles, ideologies and enigmas of moral justice in works of creative and other cultural aesthetics like recently released Jai Bhim (2021); Peepli Live (2010); Bama's Sangati (1994) and Omprakash Balmiki's Joothan (1997), etc. The socioeconomic, moral, political and educational crises in society have also been deftly depicted in literary works across the globe for it raises the questions of the binaries of justice and