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A Comparative Analysis of Requirement Gathering Techniques

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Pub. Date : Apr, 2020
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Author Name : Babangida Zachariah, Ogwueleka Francisca Nonyelum
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Subject/Domain : Management
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Requirement elicitation as a concept of requirement engineering essentially describes the process of requirement gathering for the purpose of establishing end users' and stakeholders' system requirement. Effective requirement gathering remains a fundamental prerequisite for developing and implementing successful systems. Though different requirement gathering techniques are available, no single technique serves all peculiarities of (or parameters associated with) a system; therefore a combination of different techniques becomes a necessity. The paper presents possible combinations of techniques when considering system characteristics against system analyst's requirement elicitation experience level, analyst's system domain knowledge, stakeholders' articulacy level and stakeholders' availability, all of which are fundamental towards effective requirement gathering. Also, information characteristics against participant's (analyst and stakeholders) characteristics in terms of experience and physical location were considered in this work. It was discovered that collaborative techniques of requirement gathering are mostly used and have the potential of being the most used techniques in future following the advances in technology. Therefore, the analyst may consider developing skills and becoming highly experienced with these techniques.


The development and implementation of a successful system are essentially dependent on the effective elicitation of both end users' and stakeholders' requirements. Requirement elicitation as a concept of requirement engineering describes the process of establishing the services and constraints that are required of a system. That is, the process of gathering and acquisition of requirements of a system is requirement elicitation, while elicitation, analysis, validation, documentation and management of the requirements are activities of requirement engineering (Sommerville, 2007).


Requirement elicitation, Requirement engineering, Stakeholders, Analyst, System engineering, Requirement gathering techniques

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