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Ergonomic Workplace Design for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises: A Conceptual Model

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Pub. Date : Apr, 2020
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The purpose of the present study is to develop a conceptual model of ergonomic workplace design through an extensive literature survey to enhance the workplace safety of small manufacturing entities in India. The study emphasizes the need to redesign the work environment in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with the ergonomic approach. The small entities, including the MSMEs, are the key stakeholders of the country's economic progress in terms of their contribution to GDP, job creation and exports. However, there is a concern in the sector in the areas of productivity, energy efficiency and more often regarding occupational health and safety. Safety is a basic physical and psychological need of human beings in their daily life and work, which is often neglected in the small entities. In this context of the working environment of MSMEs in India, the study elucidates the measures taken to ensure workers' safety and health, by identifying the causes of industrial accidents and classifying them. The study also establishes the relation between ergonomic workplace design and productivity. Promoting occupational safety and health, and ergonomic workplace design is the need of the hour. Therefore, this study highlights the need for ergonomic workplace designing, and how it would be a competitive advantage in the long run.


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are the backbone of economic growth and has been remaining as the bulwark for the Indian economy by contributing to economic indices, creating employment, promoting innovation and keeping a balance in socioeconomic growth. The sector consists of around 63.38 million units spread across the geographical expanse of the country and contributes around 33% of the manufacturing GDP, 33.4% of India's manufacturing output and 24.63% of the GDP from service activities as well. Further, MSMEs have been providing employment to around 154.64 million people and contributing around 45% of the overall exports of India. The sector has consistently maintained a growth rate of over 10% and about 20% of the MSMEs are based out of rural areas (CII). The sector acts as a strategically important segment of the Indian economy and balancing factor in the economic growth trajectory. The sector is the second-largest job creator, after agriculture. A majority of the workers in MSME sectors are unskilled and working in manufacturing entities. They spend a sizable portion of their life at the workplace to display their commitment and sincerity in performing various tasks. However, the workplace environment in most of the MSMEs is pathetic and in most of the cases employers force their workers to perform various tasks. The workers engaged in small business sector are often victimized as they are exposed to hazardous situations and more frequently get injured and fall ill than those engaged in large entities.


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