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Predicting Consumer Satisfaction Towards WhatsApp Based on Quality Factors

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Pub. Date : Apr, 2020
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Author Name : Pooja Yadav, Neha Singh
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The purpose of this study is to identify the quality factors of mobile applications and predict their influence on the consumer satisfaction of WhatsApp users. This research extends the ISO 9126 model used for evaluating the software quality. The new research model and an instrument are used to examine the influence of various quality factors of mobile applications on consumer satisfaction. Based on the valid responses collected through a questionnaire, multiple regression technique is employed to test the relationship between the independent and dependent factors. The results of the study indicate that reliability, usability, efficiency and data integrity significantly affect the consumer satisfaction of WhatsApp mobile application, whereas the other two factors, i.e., functionality and portability, do not have considerable influence on consumer satisfaction. The mobile application developers and organizations should improve the usability, reliability, data integrity and efficiency of WhatsApp mobile app to enhance consumer satisfaction. Earlier research has mainly focused on the quality factors of application software and e-commerce websites. This study focuses on the mobile application, WhatsApp, which has established itself as the most dominating global instant messenger in the market.


The world today has more than 3.9 billion internet users (Statista, 2018), and mobile internet will further add to this number. Mobile phone services and mobile internet have loaded the users with a number of tools in the form of mobile applications to improve their lifestyle. These services include commerce, social interactions, interactions with government, health services, etc. It has changed the way the people use Internet and has escalated the adoption of the technology at a hard-to-believe rate.


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