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Weighing Prototype Simulation for Hogs with Web-Based Monitoring System Using Radio Frequency Identification

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Pub. Date : April, 2021
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Computer Sciences
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Author Name : Xena S Alcazaren, April Jay C Diolata and Noel P Sobejana
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Subject/Domain : Management
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This study is about weighing the hogs in order to determine their growth and identifying them individually with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensor. The system would read the data from the prototype simulation of the project and would be saved in the database. The data gathered in the database would be viewed on the website as graphical information of all the hogs and also their profile information would be viewed on the website. The study focuses on four aspects, namely, development of the prototype that can identify the weight of hogs using the RFID and capture the weight of the hogs using a weighing scale; development of the system that monitors the hog's weight and records it in the database automatically; providing graphical information of the hogs weight in the website; and capturing the effectiveness of the weighing prototype simulation for hogs with web-based monitoring system using RFID in terms of functionality, reliability, usefulness from the evaluators.


With today's increasing herd sizes and increasing work load for pig farmers, visual contact and individual monitoring of animals has declined. This has created the need for automated monitoring of the animal (Maselyne et al., 2014). Sensor-based monitoring can be done continuously, in real time and without disturbing the pigs. This automated monitoring can support the farmer to make interventions faster and more accurately, leading to reduced economic losses, more responsible use of antibiotics, and increased health and welfare of the pigs (Maselyne et al., 2016).


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Prototyping, Monitoring, Simulation

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