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The Defeat of Populism in Greece

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Pub. Date : April, 2021
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The South China Sea dispute is developing at an extraordinarily rapid pace with six states' overlapping territorial interest, abundant untapped natural resources and more than hundreds of geological features. The regional consensus opposes coercion and favors diplomacy, but China is out of step with both the regional consensus and international norms and has posed a serious threat to the Asia-Pacific security. With this backdrop, this paper, predominantly taking the geopolitical approach, takes a stand that the South China Sea is going to be the grand chessboard of the world. The study endeavors to project that the world will never get a better place to contain an undemocratic expansionist power like China than the South China Sea. The great powers, including the US, need to take a very strongly articulated South China Sea policy, as the world is getting tired of the ambiguous policy of China from the 'Peaceful Rise' to 'Covid-19'. At the same time, the paper sheds light on the importance of South China Sea in India's strategic gambit and how this complex, potential ground is important to India to turn the Chinese dominated Asia into a multipolar Asia.


The decade-long peaceful climate in Asia was again threatened by the military preparedness and the economic weight of rising China. From the beginning of this millennium, the rise of China caused a potential security threat to Asia, and the tension persisted across its borders and beyond. China and its neighbors are on the verge of direct military confrontation with frightening consequences. This time the troubled water of the South China Sea is the reason behind this confrontation.


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