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A Practitioner's Note on Technology Intermediated Student Engagement: A Use-Case from the Trenches

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Pub. Date : April, 2021
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Author Name : Praveen Bhasa Malla
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Covid-19 has disrupted the entire education ecosystem, globally. Newer learning contexts are being drawn, newer pedagogical methods are being designed, new learning outcomes are being sought and newer habits are getting formed. With classrooms migrating to virtual platforms, 'student stickiness' has emerged as a big challenge. Innovative pedagogical models are to be used to create enriching student engagement that in turn can ensure student stickiness. This paper is a practitioner's view from the trenches. It discusses the shortcomings of the Indian pedagogical framework and through a use-case explains how contemporary technology can be deployed to make the teaching-learning engagement fun and enriching. While the use-case is localized to the Indian context, its applicability is universal.


Covid-19 has disrupted the entire education ecosystem, globally. Be it K-12 or higher educational institutions, all of them are equally struggling hard to make themselves relevant in the changed teaching-learning milieu. The pandemic has been a good wake up call for education leaders.

Countries across the globe have announced lockdown to combat the pandemic. Educational institutions were caught off-guard and their lack of alternative student engagement strategies exposed. While MOOCs and online courses were part of the pedagogical framework, till Covid struck, they were mostly operating from the fringes. Brick and mortar educational institutions are, by default, not engineered to offer non-classroom engagement. They thrive on their physical spaces and face-to-face learning engagement. Virtual learning is often treated as a complementary offering.

Covid and lockdown have brought a moot question to the forefront-how does one ensure student stickiness especially when she is not required to physically attend the school and also when she now has options to study the same course from professors other than her school's? Schools and professors that have invested money, time and effort in not just curating quality virtual content but also offering a robust student engagement will have an edge over those that offer plain vanilla teaching via virtual meeting platforms like ZOOM or Google Meets.


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