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The Mediating Effect of Emotional Exhaustion in the Relationship Between Emotional Demand and Turnover Intention

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Pub. Date : April, 2021
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Author Name : N T Azharudeen and A Anton Arulrajah
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The objective of the study is to examine the mediating effect of emotional exhaustion in the relationship between emotional demand and turnover intention in the context of three selected apparel manufacturing firms in the Eastern region of Sri Lanka. Employee absenteeism and turnover are key issues of apparel firms in Sri Lanka. In order to achieve the objective of this paper, a questionnaire-based survey was conducted among 153 employees of apparel firms and the collected data was analyzed using simple mediation analysis techniques. The findings of the study reveal that a positive and significant relationship exists among the study variables. Moreover, the empirical findings of the study indicate that both emotional demand and emotional exhaustion have significant effect on turnover intention, and emotional exhaustion partially mediates the relationship between emotional demand and turnover intention. Hence, the apparel industry should take proper measures to regulate the employee's emotions and to control employee's turnover intention as a preventive strategy for employee turnover problem.


Jayasuriya (2020) has explained the significance of the apparel industry in Sri Lanka in a popular newspaper (Sunday Times of Sri Lanka) article. In that article, he reported that apparel exports generated $5 bn revenues in 2019 and apparel industry alone contributes 6% to Sri Lanka's GDP, while accounting for 40% of Sri Lanka's exports.

The apparel industry provides significant support to strengthen the economy by providing higher employment opportunities in Sri Lanka. According to Labour


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