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Hematological Signatures in Technopreneurial Rational Decision Corridors

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Pub. Date : April, 2021
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Author Name : Jyotirmaya Satpathy, Sayalee S Gangar, Ahalya Hejmadi and Banitamani Malik
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Subject/Domain : Arts & Humanities
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Charting neuronal-directed rational decision corridor has witnessed incredible headway since the turn of the 21st century. Alongside cognito-management, neuromanagement, has made unequaled sensitivities into anthropological reason. Crevices in neuronal-focused substitutions marshal behavioral investigation that inclines to epicenter on competencies to 'perceptive mosaic' with focus on neuro-corridors. Technopreneurs' attempt to arrive at optimal rational decision till 'response threshold' is stretched. Cognito-management examines this 'charting' by means of 'cognito-tactical monikers' to probe how brain performs in journey of higher cognitive functions. There is a need to identify 'neuro-based drivers' that craft a 'technopreneurial rational decision mosaic'. This paper attempts to address how neuro apparatuses (hematological drivers) explore technopreneurial rational decision making. The attempt comprises porticoes of biological basis of rational decisions exploring significant role of 'neuronics' in prototyping technopreneurial rational decision corridor. Perceptive procedures are principal 'drivers' to calculate diverse optimal alternatives to grasp a rational decision. The objective is to exhibit theoretic and empirical mosaics in 'neuro-corridors' mosaic of rational decision mosaic'. The methodology includes emphasis on hematological drivers' observations in technopreneurial rational decision research. The results exhibit signals that technopreneur endeavors to address neuromosaic using 'neuro-drivers'. The research communication discusses the findings and future directions to guide hematological neuro science in rational decision corridor. The study offers 'Anchorage' of 'hematological neuro-drivers' and 'rational decision corridor schemes' to appreciate how technopreneurs make rational decisions.


Decisions and judgments define human beings. How to introduce a 'decision'? In fact, what is a decision? Is it a beginning or end to a specific contemplation? Do they have a biological basis? Do these have bio-philosophical computational connotation? Are they regulated by some genetic 'drivers' like the sense organs? Decision archetype is concerned with perception underpinning a driver's decisions. If yes, then who serves as a 'driver'? Key renaissance originates with rational information controlling. Final question is: Are these networked neurologically (neural roulette)? This amounts to 'rationality'. Do these represent sweeping renaissance of primary concerns in understanding biology of decision apparatus? Entrepreneurial replicas are concomitant with technical novelty. Voyaging through 'bustamination' ('business' and 'contamination'), entrepreneurial community is transversely at cater-cornered with neuroscience and entrepreneurship transmitting a perceptive organized linkage ('Chess Board Matrix').


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