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Optimization of Steel Trusses Using Genetic Algorithm

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Pub. Date : April, 2021
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Structural Engineering
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Author Name : Kiran R Naik and Kiran Koraddi
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Subject/Domain : Science and Technology
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The use of optimization process is a much-needed step in the field of construction today. But optimization is not being used very efficiently in structural engineering. Weight optimization is one of the structural optimization processes which optimizes the weight of the material used in the construction. The process provides an optimum area of cross-section for the steel sections. By optimizing the weight, the material cost has been reduced. It helps in improving the economic sustainability. The paper presents a study of optimization of trusses using genetic algorithm. The trusses considered for optimization are a two-bar truss, a three-bar truss and a ten-bar truss. The software used for this process is MATLAB2013a. The results are cross-checked using STAAD.Pro and manual calculations.


Today, the world is developing at an unbelievable pace; the amount of resources it has been providing is declining rapidly. The demand for resources is increasing with the advances we are making in the present world. We have to make sure that the resources are not overused; they need to be used efficiently. Keeping the economic factor in mind, the excess use of resources is just wasting of capital to be invested and the material to be used. There is an increase in demand for steel structures. This is because of the ease of construction of steel structures. The erection of steel structures requires less labor time. The steel structures are also preferred for temporary structures.

So the application of optimization is very much effective in the case of steel structures. This paper is an effort to bridge the gap between the industrial applications of optimization, especially in structural industries. The advancements in computing technology have enabled to do some complex calculations which are difficult to solve manually. The genetic algorithm, which is very frequently used in the field of optimization, is considered for this process. MATLAB is the software used in this paper to solve the problem. There are three types of structural


Optimization, Genetic Algorithm (GA), Weight optimization, Truss optimization

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