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A Comprehensive Overview of DDoS Attacks in Cloud Computing Environment and Different Machine Learning Techniques

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Pub. Date : Aprill, 2022
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Author Name : Sherwin Kati1 Abhishek Ove, Bhavana Gotipamul, Mayur Kodche and Swati Jaiswal
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Subject/Domain : Management
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As cloud computing usage gains popularity, the security vulnerabilities are also increasing. Cloud computing is affected by many types of attacks like account hijacking, data breaches, malicious insiders, human error, etc. This paper primarily focuses on Distributed Denialof-Service (DDoS) attacks, a major security issue for a cloud system. By sending huge amounts of unusual traffic, a DDoS attack corrupts the resources and makes them inaccessible. DDoS attacks are designed to drain resources like main memory, CPU refining, processing space and network frequency, thus making them inaccessible to the customers. It is difficult to identify the difference between the attacker's requests and legitimate user requests in cloud systems at all stages, especially when the latter comes from a huge number of geographically dispersed workstations. The paper provides a detailed analysis of DDoS attacks and makes a comparative study of various algorithms against the attacks on cloud computing.


Cloud computing paradigm, based on a worldwide Internet-based network, consists of a huge number of servers that are typically open-source, modular and inexpensive. Clouds store massive amounts of data and cover a huge variety of services to large


Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS), Security, Cloud services, Algorithms