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Classification of Active RC and RLC Filter Architectures of the Sallen-Key Family and Trends in Their Development

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Pub. Date : Apr, 2022
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Author Name : Denisenko D Y, Chumakov V E, Ivanov Y I and Prokopenko N N
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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The paper proposes an extended classification of Active RC Filters (ARCF) and ARLC Filters (ARLCF) with Sallen-Key architectures, including those created in the last three years. This makes it possible to formulate new design directions for an extended family of active RC- and RLC- Sallen-Key filters (BPF, LPF, HPF and RF) for the tasks of high-speed and ultra-fast analog-to-digital signal conversion.


Modern circuitry of Active RC Filters (ARCF) for tasks of limiting the spectrum of signals to their Analog-to-Digital Conversion (ADC) is expanding into the field of radio frequencies and works with ultrafast ADCs. The widely used well-known structures of active filters are the three basic Sallen-Key schemes, first published by American scientists Sallen and Key in 1955. In the scientific field of circuit engineering related to the ideology of Sallen-Key, more than 500 papers have been published over the past 5 years, each contributing to the study of the functionality of the Sallen-Key structure, reducing errors, reducing energy consumption, etc. However, no new architectures have been created in this class of ARCF in recent years.

An important direction of improvement of Sallen-Key circuit solutions is primarily related to the search for new ARCF architectures and the practical use (about 200 modifications) of existing and annually created new active elements, including wide-band semiconductors that ensure the operation of ARCF in a wide temperature range and exposure to radiation.


Sallen-KeyY, Active RC Filter (ARCF), Active RLC Filter (ARLCF), Low-Pass Filter (LPF), High-Pass Filter (HPF), Band-Pass Filter (BPF), Rejection filter