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Key Implications of Product Design and Innovation on User Experience

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Pub. Date : Apr, 2022
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Knowledge Management
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Author Name : Fauzia Jamal and Vibha Kapoor
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Subject/Domain : Management
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In a highly competitive and uncertain business environment, product developers face a few pertinent and intricate questions: Which products to develop? How do we approach design to optimize user experience? What role does innovation play in optimizing the user experience? A plethora of design perspectives, from participatory design to lead user approach, have been proposed by scholars. This paper reviews design and innovation approaches and perspectives and how they uniquely affect or influence the user experience. The fundamental relationships articulated concerning the impact of user experience on product development form a conceptual framework for product design and development approach. For practitioners, the paper suggests how user experience-driven design can improve product development through its more grounded and comprehensive approach, along with the elevated appreciation of design challenges and a heightened sense of possibilities for product development. The paper further intends to explore and identify how design and innovations influence user experience in the fashion industry.


Design can be recognized as one of the most important strategic resources for companies. However, the traditional manufacturing paradigm considers design as a styling afterthought (Dell’Era et al., 2010). Today, companies worldwide are exploring possibilities as to how design can help them to innovate and differentiate product offerings in a sternly competitive and dynamic marketplace. Successful firms are carefully evaluating and integrating design in the firm’s business strategy.